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About Bepac

Bepac is an education management institute establish in Egypt 2011. Bepac aims to develop leaders capable of creating a positive impact on business results of their organizations in a growing and changing marketplace.
In Bepac we offer high quality soft skills training programs. We also offer a standardized management certificates match with globe and global market requirements. To offer this value we hire a top talented instructors and trainers with superior academic qualification and experiences. Also training and teaching materials are designed to match high academic and experience bases.
Bepac inspires individuals and firms to reach their challenge objectives. We work in partnership with our clients that we believe that their success is our success.To maintain this partnership we offer headhunting service that help individuals to find the best suitable positions fit them and help firms hiring the best talented employees fit their job description.
To help our clients in global business environment we offer consultation service in sales, marketing and HR. We create an assessment center to help them in accurate selection of candidates and also to assess their current employees and design a sound development program.
Bepac is growing rapidly strive to penetrate the gulf region and create a strong customers’ base. Bepac’s final aim is to introduce an Arabic innovative business model in education management and HR services.


Core Values


To transfer management knowledge to individuals and firms inspiring them to perform better jobs and achieving their challenging objectives.


Bepac is aiming to be one of the leading education management institutes in the Middle East within 15 years.


  • Partnership

We foster long-term business relationship with our clients, taking on the responsibility and accountability for the results. Our success is measured by our clients’ Success.

  • Innovation

We emphasize on education management, training, marketing innovation and developing customized strategies to deliver sound, sustainable training & business results.

  • Excellence

We develop and implement the best education management,training, marketing practices to consistently achieve quality and excellence.

  • Flexibility

We deliver our education management, training, marketing services in convenient way easy to be delivered by our customers. We are supporting our customers everywhere.

  • Standardization

We are trying hard to introduce a standardized teaching and training material matching with global training techniques and learning theories.

Education Management 0%
Business Development 0%
Business Consultation 0%
Talent Headhunting 0%
Employees Assessment 0%

Our Executive Team

Dr. Mohamed Shehab


Dr. Marwa El Naggar


Mr. Mohamed Elnaggar

Administration Manager

Founder Message & Bio


We believe that nothing to be successful in your career more than to be passionate with it ((Innovate or evaporate)). This statement is our slogan in Bepac. We try to perform our work in a different and creative manner using available resources !

Dr. Mohamed Shehab
B.Sc., MIBA, M.Sc.

Mohamed Shehab got his Bachelor degree in science with specialization in microbiology. He also got a marketing management diploma in marketing and MIBA. He further got an academic master degree in international business from faculty of management science SAMS.

As a professional instructor Mohamed teaches sales and marketing in many reputable institutes and business schools in certificates, Diploma and MBA track.

As a professional trainer Mohamed provides training services to more than 4000 trainees from many countries like; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq ,Jordan, Libya and Philippine.

He can deliver training materials in English, Arabic or both.Mohamed has 20 years vocational experiences in many sectors like health-care, pharmaceutical, training, teaching and FMCG.

Our Executive Consultants

Dr. Elsayed Hussien

HR & Sales

Dr. Mohamed Taha

Sales & Marketing

Dr. Hesham Sharawy

Supply Chain Management

Dr. Mohamed Bekheet

Sales & Marketing

Dr. Noha Fadel

HR & Management

Eng. Walied Radwan

Project Management

Dr. Mostafa Aboelela

Sales & Marketing