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Frequently Asked Questions

Bepac’s Most Addressed Questions !

Should we come on-site to deliver training?

Bepac Training can be delivered in various locations to meet the need of our clients.

How does Bepac determine your organization's exact needs?

Bepac Training uses a strong TNA process and ADDIE model to determine your organization’s exact need.

What is the typical dress code for the Bepac's training courses?

It is most frequently business casual with case studies and workshops.

Who will be my trainer or instructor?

All Bepac’s trainers go through a rigorous certification process. Bepac recruits top talented instructors and trainers with superior academic qualification and executive experiences.

Can I earn accredited professional certificates for these courses?

Bepac’s strategic programs are qualified for professional accreditation. Training and teaching materials are designed to match high academic and experience bases.

Does Bepac run online training programs?

Bepac offers some virtual classrooms through which you can see and interact with your instructor.

What type of business certification does bepac offer?

Bepac offers Certificates, Diplomas and Mini MBA accredited from top UK educational bodies.

Which business certification types does bepac focus on ?

Bepac focuses on certificates in Sales, Marketing , Human Resources , Project Management and Supply Chain Management.

Can we get a discount for our courses?

Bepac offers discount seasonally in some courses.

Can I pay credit for business certifications?

Bepac offers credit policy for business certificates which last more than 3 months !

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