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Needs and Buying Motives


05 Mar Needs and Buying Motives

We can concluded that Selling is the process of determining customers’ needs and wants , persuading them to purchase a product or idea that will satisfy those needs and wants , thereby both the buyer and the seller gain a benefit . Need is a state of felt deprivation of some basic satisfaction which needs to be eliminated or a problem which needs to be solved [ Hungry, unprotected, Unsafely, lonely, ..Etc]. Need always refers to people. Maslow mentioned that we have 5 basic needs. He puts them in hierarchy shape.



  • Physiological, such as food, shelter, clothing, and sex
  •  Safety, the need for security and safety
  • Social/love and belonging, feel a sense of love, affection, belonging, and acceptance.
  • Esteem, gain recognition, status, and respect from others.
  •  Self- actualization, the need for self fulfillment and a desire to realize one’s own potential.



Higher needs become important only if lower needs are satisfied. So lower needs are basic and products that satisfy these types of needs are easy to sell.Want is a desire for specific satisfier of these deeper needs [Food, Clothing, Shelter, Safety, Belonging, etc.]. Want refer to goods. Marketers do not create needs but, along with other influencers in the society through influence wants. Along side, Demand is want for specific products that are backed by an ability & willingness to buy them. Wants become demands when supported by purchasing power.

On the other hand, Buying motives can be a desire to buy that could satisfy a need .We have six buying motives which are of equal importance. Normally the buyer has a whole cluster of motives, yet in the final analysis basically one is decisive.To discover the customer’s need or to know the buying motive you must ask question. You must tailor your product benefit to these needs. Six buying motives are there:making a gain, avoiding a loss, having pleasure, avoiding pain, boosting pride and gaining social approval. Finally we can say that; behind every sale there is a buying motive.

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