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Nature of Personal Selling


01 Mar Nature of Personal Selling

The original and oldest form of direct marketing is the field sales call. Today most industrial companies rely heavily on a professional sales force to locate prospects, develop them into customers and grow the business.Personal selling involves selling through a person-to-person communications process. Salespeople match the benefits of their offering to the specific needs of their customers developing long-term relationship.

Today there is a new view of communications as an interactive dialogue between the company and its customers. Marketers view communications as the management of the customer relationship over time. So we can see promotion as communication between the company and its customers called it marketing communication. There are many types of marketing communication like personal selling, Advertising, Public relation, sales promotion and publicity.

Personal selling is a part of the promotion mix. Advertising consists of one-way non-personal communication with target consumer groups. In contrast, personal selling involves two-way personal communication between salespeople and individual customer whether face-to-face, by telephone, through video conferences or by other means.

As such personal selling can become effective than advertising in more complex selling situations. Salespeople can probe customers to learn more about their problems. They can adjust the marketing offer to fit the special needs of each customer tailor product benefits according to customers’ needs and can negotiate sale. They can also build long-term personal relationships with key decision makers.The role of personal selling varies from company to company. Some firms have no salespeople at all for example, organizations that sell only through mail-order catalogues others depend mainly on sales people.

Pharmaceutical companies recruit pharmaceutical sales reps (medical reps) to promote their products to potential physicians. Medical reps are typically missionary reps, they inform physicians about new therapeutic products and educate them how to treat their patients. Medical reps try to discover physician’s medication needs match the benefits of the company’ products with these needs. Actually their roles are not selling but help the company to apply pull strategy to sell their products